what I learned in sweden

a list inspired by my american friend arielle, whom i met in sweden.
(and for her i tried to write in english.
now all you have to do is not to laugh too hard about my trial.)

1. not so much swedish (my course started 3 months after i arrived, so the sentences that i really rock are „i’d like a burger without ketchup“, „yes, i’d like a bag please“ and „can you say that again please?“) but lots of english.

2.  most people you get to know are not from sweden.

3. actually there are a lot from germany.

4. a lot.

(4.1. i’m surprised, they don’t have aldi there by now)

5. swedes eat the most candy in the world. although they don’t look like it.

6. swedes think, berlin is heaven because you can buy alcohol everywhere and not only in special shops (that close at 6 pm in Lund).

7. yeah, berlin IS heaven!

8. appearantly, i know more about american (tv- and film-) culture than certain americans.

9. to survive in winter, you HAVE to buy rain boots  if you don’t own  very very very expensive winter boots, that can handle knee deep snow and very very very wet streets.

10. the camping sites in skåne are actually not camping sides, but little homey meadows in how-i-pictured-ireland-nature.

11.swedes dream about their holidays in darlana.

12. with good reason! *

13. the time, swedish-teachers talk about „fika“ (drinking coffee) and „let’s have fika“, will show you who is german. (the ones that lay under their tables and can’t stop giggeling like 5-year olds at the sight of their older sister kissing the neighbor boy)

14. vampire diaries is a good giggeling reason too.. and have to weekly pizza!

(14.1. oh the pizza! the kebab pizza is as deliciously disgusting as it sounds)

15. roasting marshmellows is the right reason to have barbecue three, four times a week.

16. there are no stores open after 6 p.m. in lund.

17. except for the big grocery stores – they even open on sundays.

18. Lund has one very big plus. (see 17)

19. if you say you are from berlin, you get a lot more smiles as if  you are from germany. (see 6.)

20. you can join a swedish writing circle, even if you don’t understand swedish so well.

21. it only takes one choklad boll (chocolate balls made out of butter and cocoa and butter and sugar) to kill you.

22. or you split it between your six friends and have stomache ache for only two hours.

23. ironically you have to get up early for the brunches they have in nations. because everybody will be there and first come first eat (everything).

24.  so you have to get up early for the brunches. they are awesome.

25. there is a choir on every corner in lund.

26. midsommar is a great time to eat strawberry cream cake, sit around with your friends, go swimming and play cards until late at night.

27. feels like victoria and daniel have more german fans than swedish ones. everybody i told, i was going to the wedding just wrinkle their noses and grinned „ah, the germans.“

28. stockholm is very crowded when victoria and daniel get married.

29. i saw her hand! i saw the princess‘ hand waving at me!

30. sometimes you get a little crazy when it comes to swedish princesses.

31. my tounge still dreams about the polkagris with the flavor „sour“.

32. an exchange semester in lund is great to make friends all over the world.

33. sweden is a nice place for vacation, an affair for maybe a month.

33. berlin is a great place to be at home.

35. berlin is my love.

(36. and vancouver.)

(37. and the word ‚fika‘)



10 Gedanken zu “what I learned in sweden

  1. you learned a lot my dear AND if somebody will ask me the way to somewhere and not the other way around I tell them off ;)

    but actually the ones I met were really really nice to me. scary but nice.

    your berlin love is so founded, I love it too°

  2. yeah, looking at that list -i appearantly did ;)

    sometimes i can get crazy jealous (when somebody walks with that one amazing watermelon „i carried a watermelon“ bag, and i don’t know where you can buy it), but this time i’ll share my love. welcome to the club!
    (i even tell you in private , what berlin can do best ;) )

  3. 8. Umm, do you mean me and my lack of knowledge of „Friends“?
    10. Sorry to do this to you, but it’s „camping sites“
    19. If you say you are from San Francisco, you get a lot more smiles than if you say USA.
    26. Midsommar = underbar!
    31. älskar polkagrisar!
    32. :) yup!
    33. Berlin is amazing, you are right, I should come back there sometime!

  4. alex: yeah. i’m definitely too wussy for sweden..

    tornspira: 8. no, of course not!
    i mean you (and a certain other girl) and your lack of knowledge of „dirty dancing“ :D
    10. thanks.i learn something new every day :)
    33. definitely! definitely! definitely!

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