for holidays: how to get rid of your kid

it’s your holiday and your kid is driving you crazy?

here is the answer:

just stuff it into a big plastic ball,

zip it up real‘ good,

and throw the ball into water
(if you want peace for an hour: take the kiddy pool;  for longer: try the ocean).

free it, whenever you are ready to deal with it again.

it’s the new big thing among holiday places!
try it yourself!
you’ll be a whole new person – and your kid, too.



(seen in kuehlungsborn, baltic sea)

10 Gedanken zu “for holidays: how to get rid of your kid

  1. „try the ocean“ muaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, ick schmeiß mir wech, alter („alter“ is an dieser Stelle wichtig)

    Und ich schließ mich Alex‘ Frage an. „Is there one for big ladies, too?“

  2. alex: smart idea! i’ll ask them tomorrow…just think of the possibilities that’ll open up…wow! ;)

    anj: i’m sure there will be.

    magnolia: also ich denk nur immer, dass es da drinnen bestimmt nicht so lecker riecht… ^^

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