three cats in one day

inspired by an article written by alex, who is on a 5-week-sailing trip right now and keeping a very funny and enjoyable blog about it, i’m going to tell you about my days too. but not my days without a shower (see-> alex) but as a new mother of three cats.


a typical day with three cats, one of them living in my bedroom for now:


1:00 go to bed, fed cat 2,3, and 1. cat 1 sleeps on its cat tree by the window

3:00 wake up because something really heavy fell on the ground. ah no, just cat 1 jumping down the cat tree 3:05 wake up because the bed shakes. no earthquake. just cat 1 jumping on the bed to sleep at my feet.

6:00 wake up because something is chewing really loud

7:00 wake up because something is still chewing really loud.
(how can the cat still find treats on the floor i wonder. i thought, it got them all last night.)

8:00 wake up because of incessant chewing. annoyed grabbing my glasses and see: the cat is chewing on my cat-net, that i incautiously have left on the ground

8:02 get up and take away the net, go back to sleep

9:00 get up, sweep bathroom (you don’t want to go in there with bare feet without sweeping before since the bathroom is where the cat’s litter boxes are and where the cat’s litter boxes are, there is cat litter on the ground. a lot.), clean boxes, take a shower, feed cat 1-3, play with cat 2 & 3. trying to play with cat 1, give up wanting to play with cat 1.

10:00 eat breakfast with cat 2 and 3 looking over my shoulder or sitting at my feet or ignoring me being in the living room.

11-15 work on paper for university 15:00 bored with work, want to cuddle cats. cats sleep.

15:20 back to work. trying to concentrate while cats want to cuddle.

16:00 take a nap, inspired by cat 1/2/3

17-19 work

19:00 bored with work, want to play with cats. cats sleep.

19:30 back to work. trying to concentrate while cats want to play.

21:00 dinner for me, then: playing and photography time for the cats

22-23 work

23:00 goodnight playing and feeding time

1:00 go to bed.

3:05 wake up..


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